1929: London, Commodore Hammersmith, King Street

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3 manuals, 10 units. Console on a lift
Instrument said to have 466 stops,7 regulators,7 tremulants,and full effect
Organ charnbers (2) on left of procenium.
Opened September 1929, probably by Harry. Davidson who was resident organist until about 1934, when he beeame Musical Director (Harry Davidson and the Commodore Grand Orchestra)
Orgsn recorded by Harry Davidson on Regal Zonophone labels.
Other organists: Harry T.Abley 1938-1940
Gordon Banner, prior to 1941, also Arthur Kearsey.
Although consols removed (reported to have been purchased by a Shiek) the pipework was said to have been in the building until quite recently.

Commodore Hammersmith speeltafel bron Geoffrey Wyatt, At The Mighty Organ ISBN0902280228

Foto uit de nalatenschap van Jan Slingerland (01)

Foto uit Groot-Rotterdam; geïllustreerd weekblad voor Zuid-Holland en Zeeland, jrg 7, 1929, no 21, 09-08-1929


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